Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Party of DOH!

How many elected Republicans that are in the House and Senate campaigned exclusively and specifically to get rid of Obamacare?  How long have these Republicans been jumping up and down about how Obamacare is ruining the country? It has been at least eight years that the Republicans could have been preparing a plan to help move America forward and when they finally get put to the test President Trump, Paul Ryan and the Republican establishment have no plan as if Obamacare just happened yesterday. What in the hell have they been doing in Washington for the past eight years? Apparently Paul Ryan has been spending way to much time with his P-90X workouts doing ab crunches and not enough time concerned about the American people. Seriously, Ryan has been bullshitting about Obamacare since he was the VP candidate with Romney, if any Republican in America should have had a detailed plan on how to correctly and efficiently and safely appeal or delete Obamacare it should have been him and he had nothing.  Did we elect a bunch of Homer Simpsons? The Republican Party used to be the Party of No, now officially they are the party of Doh, how embarrassing to the point of negligence. It almost makes me think that this entire political entertainment satire is being scripted, written and operated by Vince McMahon like he is the conductor in this retarded orchestra that has become our government.

The Party of DOH!

 What do you think about the latest military strike / act of war which the American people have no say so in? The media on both sides of the spectrum keep talking about "Shadow Governments" when the real shadow government is the military. The Military Industrial Complex answers to no one, they are the true shadow government controlling the planet. Who is advising the President, calling the shots or strikes? How long will men and women in our armed forces voluntarily wrap a blindfold over their eyes?

The Party of DOH!

When  we Americans elect people who say from the start while they are campaigning that they do not like government and want limited government interference in their lives it should then be of no surprise that when they are elected prove to be horrible government leaders.  Republicans have absolutely no one to blame now they are sailing the ship and after a hundred days of a Trump White House I am looking for a life jacket. But, you know I hear about on the news that the world is coming to an end, the four horsemen of the apocalypse just arrived but when I open my front door all I hear is crickets and birds chirping. Don't let the media scare you to the point of angry paranoia, keep searching for the spirit of truth. St. John 14 :17 the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Trump Names The Undertaker Secretary of Defense

Trump Names The Undertaker Secretary of Defense 

Trump Names The Undertaker Secretary of Defense.  Other  WWE wrestlers are reported to be in the selection process of  President Trump's  cabinet members. 

This should come as a relief to many Americans because I believe The Undertaker is undefeated. 

Trump Names The Undertaker Secretary of Defense 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Arkansas Preacher Said He'd Rather Have A President Grabbing Pussy Than A President With One

Arkansas Preacher Said He'd Rather Have A President Grabbing Pussy Than A President With One

Ferndale, Arkansas,- A Retarded Republican preacher out in the deer woods spoke his mind about the upcoming Presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trumpf on Sunday, which is one reason why I don't really go to church much. 

Come On Preacher!!?????

Arkansas Preacher Said He'd Rather Have A President Grabbing Pussy Than A President With One

This Republican mindset is the norm in Arkansas nowadays, however it used to be the southern Democrat mindset up until LBJ passed the  64 civil rights act then all the retards turned "Injun Diddn' Ya?", I mean Republican, ( Dances With Wolves Link)

Donald Trump Is Getting The Christian Vote...What Tha Fuck?

How can "Christians" vote for a man who cannot even pronounce "Second" Corinthians correctly?                                               ( Link To Trump Two Corinthians quote) 

Apostle Paul said multiple times in all of his books that the word of the Lord or Yahwey or the "Son of Yahwey" AKA Jesus should be heard and meant to be read aloud. (Philippians 4:9)  It is apparent that Trump has never heard the word in church or from one of his advisers. However, to be fair when it comes to the bible and especially with Apostle Paul, I take it with a grain of salt anyway because Paul is a murderer trying to get your money, what a Jew right? Would you take spiritual advice from Charles Manson? I am positive thousands of Arkansans would if he was wearing the Christian cloth on Sundays. Which is another reason I don't want a conservative in the White House praying out loud with his hand on the nuclear missile button, "Tell ME WHEN LORD!" Allah, is that you? I do not think Trump is that guy but the people who are going to vote for him are, like Senator Tom Cotton

How many elected Republicans have said that they do not approve of what Trump is saying but that they are going to vote for him anyway? They are scared cowards. Come on McCain! I thought you were the maverick? 

Now, I am definitely not saying that Hillary is a clean christian angel here, she has taken a swan dive into a pool of shit, from the high dive, going deep. From the dark shady deals she and Bill made when she was a lawyer at the Rose Law Firm, to Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker( A fellow lawyer at the Rose Law Firm) who resigned under threat of impeachment because he refused to rat on the Clinton's in their involvement in the White Water Scandal. Which brings us full circle with Hillary with the deleted emails but personally I'd rather have the devil I know than the devil I don't.  I'd rather have the Bad Bitch who was watching Bin Laden being killed live via Satellite in the same room with the President.  Christians are so forgiving of Trump but where is that Christian forgiveness for Hillary? 

Trump had his entire life to run for office, there are interviews of him in the early 80's saying that he had thought about running for President. Well how come he did not take any initiative to make this goal a reality sooner? For thirty years he could have ran for the Senate, the House,  he could have ran for Alderman hell, give me something Donald! If he was Senator Donald Trump he would stand a lot better chance of winning wouldn't he?  He is so arrogant that he thinks he can be the President of The United States without any political experience what so ever, this frightens me and it also frightens me that millions of Americans voted for Trump as their leader and they passed on John Kasich, a proven leader.  Which tells me that Republicans do not want leaders they want Reality Television, they want American Gladiators on every channel. They want C actors to be their leader, like Ronald Reagan. 
"Honey duh newz iz on!  Blaze and Lazer are going up against President Schwarzenegger!!" 

"Get To duh White House!" "Gahhhhlhhrrllah!" 

Arkansas Preacher Said He'd Rather Have A President Grabbing Pussy Than A President With One

Monday, January 18, 2016

Republicans Want More Military Defense Spending!??

Republicans Want More Military Defense Spending!??

President Barack Obama in his recent SOTU tried to explain to people  who think America needs to spend more money on military defense, that America already spends 8 times the amount of money on military defense than many other nations combined and yet, sadly, the preacher and former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee, along with many Republican Presidential candidates like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz are convinced that America needs to spend more on the military industrial complex.

Preacher Mike Huckabee explaining the size of his Christian Morality and his member at the same time.

Republicans Want More Military Defense Spending!??

Since this is MLK Day I am compelled to blog about the man who in my opinion would have been the first black president of the United States if he had not been murdered. His 1967 speech is just as relevant today, maybe even more so because of his Nostradamus like  warnings of  the rapidly increasing technologies and the decrease of morality.

 The following are a few quotes from his speech that I felt compelled to share ....

"A nation who continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death."

"Our moral lag must be redeemed. When scientific power out runs moral power we end up with guided missiles and misguided men." 

"Racism is that corrosive evil that may well bring down the fall of Western Civilization... by internal decay."

"If America does not respond creatively to the challenge to banish racism, some future historian will have to say that this great civilization died  because it lacked the soul and commitment to make justice a reality for all men.

"The American People must have an opportunity to vote into oblivion those who cannot detach themselves from militarism." 

"The issues of civil rights cannot be separated from the issues of peace."

So on this MLK Day remember why this revolutionary man was silenced by his own government and tell your congressmen and senators to order the Freedom of Information Act to release the hundreds of top secret documents surrounding the murders of  JFK and MLK to be released to the public on good faith and bring these domestic terrorists to justice before it is too late.  


Republicans Want More Military Defense Spending!??

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tom Cotton Is Not A Retard But Something Ain't Right

 Tom Cotton Is Not a Retard But Something Ain't Right

Tom Cotton truly believes that the Government shut down was the Democrats fault. Don't believe me?  Listen for yourself and think about his thought process here

Tom Cotton loves talking about his time in the military, which I think is a good thing. Cotton is interviewed here on MSNBC where he defends himself against Pryor's ads. Cotton always  goes back to how Pryor is bad for Arkansas because he cast the deciding vote for "Obama Care", however numbers do not lie and the Affordable Care Act has helped thousands of Arkansans and millions of Americans.

Tom Cotton again speaks here on behalf of his military qualifications and becomes angry in this video when captured Army soldier  Bergdahl  was released by the Taliban in exchange for prisoners.

Obama defends his actions to get Bergdahl back home to his family here.

Tom Cotton Is Hoping For Holy War. Christians are under attack! in this link

Cotton is so full of blood lust that he does not believe in the 5th Amendment, due process for criminals, especially those in Iran.

Cotton is so extreme that even Republican Ed Royce, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee asked Cotton to withdraw his amendment here in this link.

Now that the Senate Race is speeding up Tom Cotton wants to distance himself from the Government shut down and all of the Retarded Republicans like Ted Cruz in this video

In an earlier interview Cotton expressed that the Government had to be shut down. Thousands of veterans could not afford to get treatments because of Republicans like Tom Cotton and Tim Griffin.   Congrats Arkansas these are your elected officials, stubborn elitists who appeal to ignorant poor people but  would let the country starve because they did not get their way.

Even though he is only half the politician as his father I am voting for Pryor.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Retarded Rick Perry, A Texas Republican Champion!"

Retarded Rick Perry, A Texas Republican Champion!

There are 26 million people who live in Texas and they have repeatedly  elected Rick Perry as their leader. You are telling me Texas, that Rick Perry is the best that you have to offer? Rick Perry from Paint Creek, this retard has been eating to many Paint Chips down in that Paint Creek, he makes W. look like a Rhodes Scholar. Seriously Texas, I mean I am from Arkansas and we are looking at y'all like Damn really, Rick Perry has been your best politician worthy of being your Governor since W. WTF Texas? I thought you were better than that but apparently your entire state is full of retards. America just needs to follow your own advice and Don't Mess With Texas.  Rick Perry would have been roasted alive in Arkansas.  I know some Arkansas elementary school kids who could out debate this  paint chip eating, Texas Retard from Paint Creek. I  hope he runs for President and I hope all you Retards vote for him, because Hill Dog is going to eat his fucking lunch!

 Texans obviously are  Retards so they are oblivious to Rick Perry's Jedi Mind Tricks over them, but for the rest of America let me give you a reminder just how Retarded Rick Perry actually is...


Retarded Rick Perry, A Republican Champion!

Rick Perry is a fucking idiot example 1

Rick Perry's Debate Debacle...Oops! example 2

LOL HAHA Texas you suck for electing a Retard as your head leader, again, and again!! WTF? Oh lets continue!

Retarded Rick Puts Mitt In His Place example 3

Rick Perry says Bring It! example 4

Oh yea he just was arrested, have you seen his mug shot?


Retarded Rick Perry, A Texas Republican Champion!

Come On Texas...
Rick Perry has been the Governor of Texas for 14 years!!!!!! LOOOOL!!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hank Williams Jr, Why Are You A Retard?

Hank Williams Jr. Has Gone Off The Deep End!

I hate it too because I really liked Bocephus growing up in Arkansas you could not help but hear his music everywhere, on the radio, in restaurants, in concerts and on TV. One of my fondest memories of him was watching Monday Night Football's Theme Song for almost my entire life he was the man, and the current theme song with Faith Hill just does not get me hype at all, but  Hank has just become crazier and more demented in his old age. He got his theme song removed from MNF for comparing Obama to Hitler, which is beyond Retarded even for a Republican.

Hank Williams Jr. Is At It Again With His Retarded Rants!

Just recently at an upscale, classy concert at the Iowa State Fair, Bocephus exclaimed that, "We've Got A Muslim President who hates farming, hates the military, hates the US, and we hate him!!" and wouldn't you know that this was met with thunderous applause from the classy Iowan crowd. You forgot about the Birth certificate Hank, but it's OK because Romney is still bringing that up. How Retarded can Hank get, saying that Obama does not like the military??? Hello, he ordered the strike to murder that guy, what was his name? It rhymes with Obama? Oh yea, Osama Bin Laden! Obama had a plan of action and he has executed better than W. who just sent thousands of troops over  to the wrong fucking country, costing our nation billions of dollars a day to pay for a retarded war, and what good did it do? Iraq is fucked! "Mission Accomplished"

Hank Williams Jr. Is A Millionaire, But His Fans Are Not!

I does not surprise me at all that Hank is anti Obama, because he is mad that his taxes are going to be higher for once. The fact is that Hank is using Good Ole' Reaganomics on his fans just like Reagan himself did, however the nation realized  then that the trickle down policies just do not work and Republicans try to mask their hidden agenda to take from the poor and give to the rich by saying they are the party of family christian values and you better believe all the retarded baptists line up, even the black baptists, the retarded ones anyway.  

The Republican Convention Is Getting Some Big Name Bands Together 

 Like the Oak Ridge Boys and probably Bosephus himself, I wonder why all the good musicians do not want to be associated with the Republican Party? Hmmmmmm? Paul Ryan's favorite band Rage Against The Machine refused to play for him, but he ended up getting Good Ole' Kid Rock, who everyone knows is Bosephus's bastard son from the trailer park. Paul Ryan says that he likes to listen to "Bawitiba" in the Secret Service motorcade. Did he promise Kid Rock that he would make him The Secretary of Retard if they get elected? I do not think that all your homies in cell block 6 would respect that move Kid.