Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Arkansas Preacher Said He'd Rather Have A President Grabbing Pussy Than A President With One

Arkansas Preacher Said He'd Rather Have A President Grabbing Pussy Than A President With One

Ferndale, Arkansas,- A Retarded Republican preacher out in the deer woods spoke his mind about the upcoming Presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trumpf on Sunday, which is one reason why I don't really go to church much. 

Come On Preacher!!?????

Arkansas Preacher Said He'd Rather Have A President Grabbing Pussy Than A President With One

This Republican mindset is the norm in Arkansas nowadays, however it used to be the southern Democrat mindset up until LBJ passed the  64 civil rights act then all the retards turned "Injun Diddn' Ya?", I mean Republican, ( Dances With Wolves Link)

Donald Trump Is Getting The Christian Vote...What Tha Fuck?

How can "Christians" vote for a man who cannot even pronounce "Second" Corinthians correctly?                                               ( Link To Trump Two Corinthians quote) 

Apostle Paul said multiple times in all of his books that the word of the Lord or Yahwey or the "Son of Yahwey" AKA Jesus should be heard and meant to be read aloud. (Philippians 4:9)  It is apparent that Trump has never heard the word in church or from one of his advisers. However, to be fair when it comes to the bible and especially with Apostle Paul, I take it with a grain of salt anyway because Paul is a murderer trying to get your money, what a Jew right? Would you take spiritual advice from Charles Manson? I am positive thousands of Arkansans would if he was wearing the Christian cloth on Sundays. Which is another reason I don't want a conservative in the White House praying out loud with his hand on the nuclear missile button, "Tell ME WHEN LORD!" Allah, is that you? I do not think Trump is that guy but the people who are going to vote for him are, like Senator Tom Cotton

How many elected Republicans have said that they do not approve of what Trump is saying but that they are going to vote for him anyway? They are scared cowards. Come on McCain! I thought you were the maverick? 

Now, I am definitely not saying that Hillary is a clean christian angel here, she has taken a swan dive into a pool of shit, from the high dive, going deep. From the dark shady deals she and Bill made when she was a lawyer at the Rose Law Firm, to Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker( A fellow lawyer at the Rose Law Firm) who resigned under threat of impeachment because he refused to rat on the Clinton's in their involvement in the White Water Scandal. Which brings us full circle with Hillary with the deleted emails but personally I'd rather have the devil I know than the devil I don't.  I'd rather have the Bad Bitch who was watching Bin Laden being killed live via Satellite in the same room with the President.  Christians are so forgiving of Trump but where is that Christian forgiveness for Hillary? 

Trump had his entire life to run for office, there are interviews of him in the early 80's saying that he had thought about running for President. Well how come he did not take any initiative to make this goal a reality sooner? For thirty years he could have ran for the Senate, the House,  he could have ran for Alderman hell, give me something Donald! If he was Senator Donald Trump he would stand a lot better chance of winning wouldn't he?  He is so arrogant that he thinks he can be the President of The United States without any political experience what so ever, this frightens me and it also frightens me that millions of Americans voted for Trump as their leader and they passed on John Kasich, a proven leader.  Which tells me that Republicans do not want leaders they want Reality Television, they want American Gladiators on every channel. They want C actors to be their leader, like Ronald Reagan. 
"Honey duh newz iz on!  Blaze and Lazer are going up against President Schwarzenegger!!" 

"Get To duh White House!" "Gahhhhlhhrrllah!" 

Arkansas Preacher Said He'd Rather Have A President Grabbing Pussy Than A President With One