Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trump Is Teabagging The Tea Party!

Donald Trump gave a speech in Florida to the tea baggers hinting at a Presidential campaign run. He vowed that Obama will go down in history as the worst President ever. Wow, he actually believes that ole "W" was a better President? Why is that? Maybe because ole bushy gave the richest people in America tax breaks, which let Trump stack his gold even higher, while the lower middle class was abandoned. Bush was the ANTI ROBIN HOOD, stealing from the poor and giving to the rich! He was so bad that Americans voted a black dude in as President, ending the white streak of Presidents and finally putting some color in the white house.

Right now America is at a crossroads. Can Democrats and Republicans come together to help America climb out of debt? As of right now the solution is as clear as mud, the democrats have procrastinated the spending problem,however the Rich REPUBLICANS want to cut everything except their own salaries, this seems like a job for The Donald! SIKE!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I hope you were takin notes!!

Our President Obama delievered his state of the union speech and if you didnt watch it I encourage you to youtube it because it was inspiring! Im proud that the republicans kept their god damn mouths closed this time to at least give the President the respect he deserves.

America is moving forward, AMERICA is evolving! DEMOCRATS are trying to solve our nations problems while republicans refuse to adapt to a new world order... The gop, the party of no, the party of I dont know, but you are wrong.

The war in iraq is soon to be over, but I hate that we are now in another one where even if we win we lose. There is no reset button in total war!

Obama quoted rob kennedy, however I am paraphrasing, that the future is not a gift, the future is what you have achieved, however rob was never able to achieve to his fullest potential because he was murdered by a retard who was afraid of a democrat take over, but you cant kill us all! Obama said we will move forward or not all! America has to keep moving!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Boozmans against heal th care reform

SINCE Boozman was an optometrist before a politician one would think that he could see that health care reform would be good thing, apparantly not.rT the only reason I have health care today is because of OBAMA CARE! WHICH allows kids up to the age of 26 to stay on their parents health care. I'm about to turn 26 in a few months then what? I already have to pay the doctor 25 bucks to talk to him for 5 minutes, that's five bucks a minute! No wonder boozman doesn't wa nt health care reform, he has gotten rich ripping the people of Arkansas off for 30 years!

Friday, January 21, 2011

If you like SARAH PALIN... You're a FUCKING RETARD !

Rep. Giffords is in Texas tonight recovering from a gunshot wound that she received from a crazy republican! Why do I say it was a republican? Because it goddamn sure was not a democrat! Palin and her fellow tea baggers are indirectly responsible. I'm fed up with insane republicans trying to murder our democrat leaders. Republicans are the party of rich greed and poor ignorance, when you combine the two they are dangerous.

Palin is in hiding for the time being because she is under fire. Why are people drawn to Palin? I live in Little Rock, Arkansas and I witnessed at walmart a huge gathering of retards who were waiting to meet Palin at a book signing. It was fucking sad! Hitler once said, what luck for rulers that men are such fools! What luck for Palin that the majority of Arkansans are retarded bible thumping gun fuckers! No wonder BILL CLINTON got the fuck out!

If you think that Palin was a legit vice presidential candidate I do not have to prove that your wrong because she proved she cannot be trusted when she bailed on the people of Alaska. I hope you retards nominate her again because OBAMA WILL DESTROY HER!

AND HOW IN GODS NAME DID SHE GET BRISTAL ON DANCING WITH THE STARS?? How is she a star? By having a child out of wedlock? If that's the case then 3/4ths of the women in ARKANSAS are goddamn divas! They should change the name to dancing with the fat tea party skank! God bless her and god bless america :(