Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tom Cotton Is Not A Retard But Something Ain't Right

 Tom Cotton Is Not a Retard But Something Ain't Right

Tom Cotton truly believes that the Government shut down was the Democrats fault. Don't believe me?  Listen for yourself and think about his thought process here

Tom Cotton loves talking about his time in the military, which I think is a good thing. Cotton is interviewed here on MSNBC where he defends himself against Pryor's ads. Cotton always  goes back to how Pryor is bad for Arkansas because he cast the deciding vote for "Obama Care", however numbers do not lie and the Affordable Care Act has helped thousands of Arkansans and millions of Americans.

Tom Cotton again speaks here on behalf of his military qualifications and becomes angry in this video when captured Army soldier  Bergdahl  was released by the Taliban in exchange for prisoners.

Obama defends his actions to get Bergdahl back home to his family here.

Tom Cotton Is Hoping For Holy War. Christians are under attack! in this link

Cotton is so full of blood lust that he does not believe in the 5th Amendment, due process for criminals, especially those in Iran.

Cotton is so extreme that even Republican Ed Royce, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee asked Cotton to withdraw his amendment here in this link.

Now that the Senate Race is speeding up Tom Cotton wants to distance himself from the Government shut down and all of the Retarded Republicans like Ted Cruz in this video

In an earlier interview Cotton expressed that the Government had to be shut down. Thousands of veterans could not afford to get treatments because of Republicans like Tom Cotton and Tim Griffin.   Congrats Arkansas these are your elected officials, stubborn elitists who appeal to ignorant poor people but  would let the country starve because they did not get their way.

Even though he is only half the politician as his father I am voting for Pryor.