Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Retarded Rick Perry, A Texas Republican Champion!"

Retarded Rick Perry, A Texas Republican Champion!

There are 26 million people who live in Texas and they have repeatedly  elected Rick Perry as their leader. You are telling me Texas, that Rick Perry is the best that you have to offer? Rick Perry from Paint Creek, this retard has been eating to many Paint Chips down in that Paint Creek, he makes W. look like a Rhodes Scholar. Seriously Texas, I mean I am from Arkansas and we are looking at y'all like Damn really, Rick Perry has been your best politician worthy of being your Governor since W. WTF Texas? I thought you were better than that but apparently your entire state is full of retards. America just needs to follow your own advice and Don't Mess With Texas.  Rick Perry would have been roasted alive in Arkansas.  I know some Arkansas elementary school kids who could out debate this  paint chip eating, Texas Retard from Paint Creek. I  hope he runs for President and I hope all you Retards vote for him, because Hill Dog is going to eat his fucking lunch!

 Texans obviously are  Retards so they are oblivious to Rick Perry's Jedi Mind Tricks over them, but for the rest of America let me give you a reminder just how Retarded Rick Perry actually is...


Retarded Rick Perry, A Republican Champion!

Rick Perry is a fucking idiot example 1

Rick Perry's Debate Debacle...Oops! example 2

LOL HAHA Texas you suck for electing a Retard as your head leader, again, and again!! WTF? Oh lets continue!

Retarded Rick Puts Mitt In His Place example 3

Rick Perry says Bring It! example 4

Oh yea he just was arrested, have you seen his mug shot?


Retarded Rick Perry, A Texas Republican Champion!

Come On Texas...
Rick Perry has been the Governor of Texas for 14 years!!!!!! LOOOOL!!


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