Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hank Williams Jr, Why Are You A Retard?

Hank Williams Jr. Has Gone Off The Deep End!

I hate it too because I really liked Bocephus growing up in Arkansas you could not help but hear his music everywhere, on the radio, in restaurants, in concerts and on TV. One of my fondest memories of him was watching Monday Night Football's Theme Song for almost my entire life he was the man, and the current theme song with Faith Hill just does not get me hype at all, but  Hank has just become crazier and more demented in his old age. He got his theme song removed from MNF for comparing Obama to Hitler, which is beyond Retarded even for a Republican.

Hank Williams Jr. Is At It Again With His Retarded Rants!

Just recently at an upscale, classy concert at the Iowa State Fair, Bocephus exclaimed that, "We've Got A Muslim President who hates farming, hates the military, hates the US, and we hate him!!" and wouldn't you know that this was met with thunderous applause from the classy Iowan crowd. You forgot about the Birth certificate Hank, but it's OK because Romney is still bringing that up. How Retarded can Hank get, saying that Obama does not like the military??? Hello, he ordered the strike to murder that guy, what was his name? It rhymes with Obama? Oh yea, Osama Bin Laden! Obama had a plan of action and he has executed better than W. who just sent thousands of troops over  to the wrong fucking country, costing our nation billions of dollars a day to pay for a retarded war, and what good did it do? Iraq is fucked! "Mission Accomplished"

Hank Williams Jr. Is A Millionaire, But His Fans Are Not!

I does not surprise me at all that Hank is anti Obama, because he is mad that his taxes are going to be higher for once. The fact is that Hank is using Good Ole' Reaganomics on his fans just like Reagan himself did, however the nation realized  then that the trickle down policies just do not work and Republicans try to mask their hidden agenda to take from the poor and give to the rich by saying they are the party of family christian values and you better believe all the retarded baptists line up, even the black baptists, the retarded ones anyway.  

The Republican Convention Is Getting Some Big Name Bands Together 

 Like the Oak Ridge Boys and probably Bosephus himself, I wonder why all the good musicians do not want to be associated with the Republican Party? Hmmmmmm? Paul Ryan's favorite band Rage Against The Machine refused to play for him, but he ended up getting Good Ole' Kid Rock, who everyone knows is Bosephus's bastard son from the trailer park. Paul Ryan says that he likes to listen to "Bawitiba" in the Secret Service motorcade. Did he promise Kid Rock that he would make him The Secretary of Retard if they get elected? I do not think that all your homies in cell block 6 would respect that move Kid.

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