Friday, August 24, 2012

Paul Ryan Is Right Up There With Todd Akin

Everyone who follows politics has heard about Todd Akin's retarded comments during an interview recently.

Akin said,"First of all, from what I understand from doctors,(pregnancy from rape) is really rare, if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try and shut that whole thing down."  What? Is the female body going to naturally create the morning after pill? Seriously, this guy is an elected official? The people of Missouri voted this retard into office? Which is no surprise really after two terms with Bush, but these comments just show that there still are millions of Retarded Republicans that vote each and every election, which is more than I can say for liberals who never vote.

Todd Akin has refused to drop out of the Senate race.

He knows he still has a fighting chance because the retards already elected him once to public office maybe they might do it again. Romney asked him to step down and Todd Akin is still running because nobody cares what Romney thinks  or says anyway, not even elected GOP officials! Burn!

Paul Ryan says he "disagrees" with Todd Akin's statements, but does he really?

How can Ryan  say he disagrees with Todd Akin when he has supported and voted on as a congressman every single anti- abortion stance possible?  Ryan has voted to have planned parenthood shut down, he voted to say that invetro fertilization is criminal, because in the process it gets rid of fertilized eggs and Ryan wrote and sponsored a "personhood" amendment which proclaims that life begins at conception!!!!!!!! This Son of a Bitch is crazy and a hypocrite, if men were the ones who got pregnant there would be an abortion clinic on every corner right next to the liquor store, in fact there would be a clinic in the liquor store. Ryan must also never have masturbated either because that is committing abortion, better yet genocide on millions of people when you flush that tissue down the toilet!! LOL! The Holocaust Dos! Romney and Ryan want to distance themselves from Todd Akin when at the same time they have the same beliefs as Akin,  they just do not want you to know it, they want to keep it on the Down Low or in the closet but their voting stance reveals otherwise. I wish Romney had some balls to say, Todd Akin You Sir, Are Fucked Up, but he did not and he gets an epic fail, which will cause him millions of female moderates who will now vote for Obama, which I am voting regardless for Obama and you should too, these Republican Candidates are as nutty as a fruit cake and they are proving it more so every single day. What is even more interesting are Republican Women who are in favor of Pro Life, women who believe in Todd Akin, Romney and Ryan, who will vote Republican regardless of whatever retarded speech farts out of their Candidates mouths. Let me ask you this question, then I will stop for now, if you are a Republican, one of the basic principals of Reaganomics is a limited government, then why is it that you want the government to have control over the most precious thing out there, your body?? It just does not make sense because the Republican Party in fact does not make sense.... Burn... Even God does not like the Republicans, that is why is sent a Hurricane their way for the GOP convention. Maybe god is a women? Just kidding, I do not believe that god gives a shit, we are on our own, which is why this election is so important and why democracy is vital to American success. Democracy should prove that the majority of Americans will get it right the majority of the time, and hopefully, the people will get it right.


PS The Founding Fathers were Not Christians, They were Deists and Thank God that they were!

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