Friday, August 24, 2012

Empire State Building Shooting Newest Evidence That America Need Gun Reform

The Empire State Building Shooting Proves Yet Again That New Gun Laws Are Needed.

Jeffrey Johnson a 52 year old disgruntled employee opened fire on his boss after being fired from a women's apparel store. 8 people were injured two were killed including the gunman, the police opened fire on JJ killing him on the street in front of the Empire State Building. Mayor Bloomberg said that "New York, is not immune to gun violence." Even though the Big Apple has some of the most strict gun laws in the nation, yet again it is far to easy for a deranged retard to get a hold of a firearm and unleash carnage  on the unsuspecting public. I own several guns, however I know I am not going to go on a vigilante killing spree, but you never know who is about to go postal on the public and this Empire State Building Shooing is just the newest example that something needs to be done. I know that the right to bear arms is the second amendment, however the British are not coming.

With the shooting at the Colorado movie theater and today with the Empire State Building Shooting, it seems that murder is on the media everyday, you turn on the news and see who was murdered today. It is not safe outside anymore, the population of crazy people is at an all time high. With all of the violence in media  we have become numb to the horrible carnage that has become an everyday event, something that Americans just have to deal with, get used to it, because we have the right to bear arms. Something has to be done or it is just a matter of time before the next Empire State Building Shooting happens again.

Witnesses declare it was "Pure Chaos!", which seems to sum up the feeling of the entire nation. The Empire State Building Shooting needs to be a turning point in our nation, there needs to be reformed gun laws, especially in big cities where there is no reason to have a gun, except for self defense, but it seems to me like you might need a weapon if everyone and their grandma has one, something needs to be done. People are afraid that giving up their guns means that our government has complete control over the people, in a nation founded on war, is it not time to put the guns down?

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