Thursday, August 2, 2012

JFK and Bing Crosby Kicked IT Like Rick James and Charley Murphy! youtube video News Article Apparently, JFK and Bing Crosby kicked it like Rick James and Charley Murphy out in the desert , according to MIMI Alford, JFK made her sniff some "sex drugs" amyl nitrates" (Was the President getting this young woman high on bath salts, I guess this was like some 1960's ecstasy dust) and told her to have sex with Charley Murphy, I mean Dave Powers, the "First Friend" , while Jack silence. According to Mimi, JFK seduced her, took her virginity and showed her his O face in Jacki O's bedroom, what a dick move. She only referred to him as Mr. President throughout their almost two year affair right up to his assassination. The last time they "met" was in a New York hotel room, while she was engaged to be married, a week before his assassination in Dallas, TX. This story did surface a few months ago and I do not think that anyone is really surprised by this especially after stories of Marilyn Monroe getting smanged out by both the Kennedy brothers, but still she waited 50 years to come out with this, she could have made it all up, but probably not because JFK was like a pit bull with the pink thing hanging out, you know, the Red Rocket. For a Man to cheat on a woman as classy and beautiful as Jackie, is nothing but an asshole. However, women are suckers for a man with absolute power and when your every woman's fantasy, it must have been extremely hard , obviously too hard to pass up on all that trim. Nobody's Perfect. Mimi the aide who aided the President, in many ways this country is indebted to your year of service, servicing the President. You deserve a medal, a ribbon, and a blue dress with a few stains on it, but its still good if you take it to the cleaners a few times, and spray it with some 409, and a cookie, not just any cookie baby you get an Oreo. You kept the President's head and mind clear with all those under the table blow jobs during the Cuban Missile Crisis, you double-handedly saved America from a Nuclear War. May Southern Baptist baby Jesus Bless You Sweetheart, you doll you. KG

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